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Why Creative World School Childcare Franchising?


Unique to CWS, this impressive space is the hallmark of our preschools and offers its own unique, integrated curriculum.

Tiered Royalties

Revenues are royalty free until you have 75 children enrolled, no other preschool franchise offers this.


Join a Family

We’re a family owned child education business and our franchisees are family too. You won’t find a big corporation with hundreds of locations.


Proprietary Curriculum

Our preschool system is accredited by AdvancedEd and our curriculum surpasses school readiness expectations.


Find a Site First

There is no franchise fee until we find a site for your new preschool. No other preschool franchise offers this.


A Perfect Record

No Creative World School franchisee has ever failed and no franchisee has ever defaulted on a loan.



Rupa Shah
Rupa Shah Owner - Creative World School Fishhawk and Rivercrest

Our journey with Early Education started with us being parents, looking for what was right for our child.

Ella Frackiewicz
Ella Frackiewicz Owner - Creative World School Cypress Springs

The process with Creative World was very exciting. Other places felt very corporate-owned… this feels like a real family.

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Manjul Shah
Manjul Shah Owner - Creative World School Fishhawk and Rivercrest

Our schools, first of all they’re beautiful and the Exploratorium is great. The learning environment, the Inquiry based system they have, that’s what we believe in. It really is the way to get children to explore!

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Courtney Shoup
Courtney Shoup Owner - Creative World School Riverwalk

I just knew once Creative World opened up on my radar that it was the right one for me. The partnership and collaboration and being part of something bigger than just yourself was an amazing opportunity for me.

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We’ll guide you every step of the way.


How much can I make?

You’re making an investment in the future and building a legacy for your family and community. We’ve projected income to help you calculate ROI realistically.



Am I qualified?

Professional experience in education is not required. Bring a commitment to create a balanced life and contribute to your community; we’ll help you with the rest.



Where do I start?

Our team of experts in real estate, financing, education, and business operations will guide you every step of the way. Your success is our success.


We’re ready. Are you?

If you are interested in the early child education industry and excited for the opportunity to be an owner of a childcare franchise, our development team is standing by and looking forward to talking with you. We have identified key preschool development sites across the southeastern U.S., all ideal for expansion. We’re as excited as you are to help bring a daycare franchise to your community!


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