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The Childcare Industry

opportunity-img2The demand for high quality childcare and preschool education continues to increase across the United States. Opportunities to take advantage of the best daycare franchise locations with Creative World School are available in select markets in the U.S. Even in a challenging economic environment, we find that families are willing to invest in the education of their young children This is especially true for infants through preschool age kids. Parents have become discriminating child care consumers who are not only knowledgeable about early education and child development techniques, but expect the best for their children. As a Creative World School Franchisee, you will be at the forefront of our industry, setting the standard for the early education field. Moreover, you will have the support of an experienced organization to help you succeed in this evolving and increasingly competitive field.




Choosing the Best Daycare Franchise for you

A franchise opportunity in the childcare industry is the best way to get started in business for yourself. You have all the benefits of being part of a successful childcare organization while still operating your own business. In the competitive child care field, there is increasing competition for customers and qualified staff. The advantages of being part of a growing child care organization that is constantly working with you to help you keep your competitive edge cannot be overstated. The childcare industry is full of benefits other industries cannot provide. If you have children, or family and friends with children, you can provide the best quality childcare to them.

It’s A Good Business: Early childhood education is a lucrative business in any economy as working parents always need high quality education for their children. More parents than ever before recognize the benefits of early childhood education and understand that choosing the right school can make a difference to their child’s success in kindergarten and beyond. Unlike other businesses, our industry caters to not only the all important education of our future generations, but also allows working parents the reassurance of knowing their children are in good hands while they are doing their best to provide for their families. We are one of the few industries that can prosper in a poor economy. For example: The average revenue from our larger (12,000 sq. ft.) schools in 2013 was $1,615,974.

It’s The Foundation of ALL Education: No longer “daycare”…our industry has evolved as we have learned more about brain development and the importance of early childhood experiences in shaping future learning. Unlike other businesses, early childhood education plays a vital role in guiding the development of our future generations.

It Has Great Hours and Gives Back: Our schools are not open 24/7, like many other franchises, allowing more time to enjoy hobbies or vacations.

Besides being a good financial investment, knowing you are making a positive impact in your community makes it an investment with amazing results!

Why Choose Creative World School?

You have probably wondered if owning a childcare franchise is a good investment. Our franchisees would answer this with a resounding “Yes!”. Many of our owners have more than one school and are already considering plans for adding additional schools.
When you become a CW Franchisee, you join a team of dedicated professionals who have made the exciting decision to bring high quality early education to their community. In our 40+ year history, we have never had a failure!

We do not require you to have a background in education. You will be trained in our proven systems and we will assist you in hiring experienced qualified educators for your school. If your dream is to own an early childhood learning center, we can help you make that dream come true.

Creative World School Curriculum is not only accredited, it’s a proven foundation for success!

The basis for our educational approach is the unlimited potential of young learners and their great capacity for collecting knowledge. We believe that rich content is the foundation for learning and that by encouraging and nurturing children’s curiosity, we ignite the spark that drives our curriculum. With a driving influence of childhood curiosity, our Creative World inquiry curriculum approaches early childhood education by integrating three core approaches, or what we call the Three E’s.

opportunity-img4Our inquiry curriculum is designed to challenge children to become problem solvers, to experiment, to explore, and have the tools to build on their knowledge base. Rather than narrowing our focus to nominal educational skills, Creative World, using the Three E’s approach, covers a vast amount of skills and topics beyond “the basics”. With that, we provide an accredited curriculum that surpasses school readiness expectations. As the best daycare franchise provider of early childhood education for over 45 years, we understand that the world is changing and children need to be prepared for a future that is evolving. Our focus goes beyond rote learning. Our emphasis is on developing reasoning skills and an intrinsic love of learning. When children are interested and inspired, there is no limit to what they can learn! We want our graduates to be future Google Execs, Scientists, Creative-Outside-the-Box Thinkers…the sky’s the limit!

With every new topic, we begin by discussing what the children already know and what they ponder and are curious about the topic. The real learning happens as they playfully explore topics with the support of their teacher, which leads them through rich learning experiences focused around their interest and questions. Every day, our World is full of new and exciting discoveries!

Have you ever had an office like that?

Our World Online

Our world is online! Owners and directors are all supplied with multiple online platforms for organization, cloud storage, and parent communication. We provide digital opportunities in everything from marketing to classroom management that allow you to be efficient and green. You will be able to manage all essential school systems online and be a part of the most cutting edge technology resources available in early education.

CW Intranet: Get Connected!
When you join our Creative World School family, you are given access to our intranet system, which includes:

  • Our extensive library of office and personnel documents, marketing materials, and more.
  • A calendar to set reminders, log tasks, and stay in the loop with events.
  • Access to current news and announcements.
  • Support and FAQ database.
  • And so much more!
CW Intranet: Build Relationships
The intranet will help you monitor the effectiveness of your marketing efforts with the numerous recording and reporting functions within the system. Measure the success of your methods and monitor your conversion rates as you cultivate relationships with new families through phone calls, e-mails, and tours.
CW Intranet: Lead Database
Prospective families are managed through our intranet system. The contact management system provides a centralized place for logging communication, sending e-mails and information to interested families, and keeping track of lead conversion.
Procare©: Give the Best Care
We equip each Creative World School with ProCare©, a leading cloud technology Integrated POS software to issue billing, invoice, track attendance, store records, communicate with families, provide enrollment projections, as well as other reporting measures to keep your school running like a well-oiled machine.
Social Media: Like Us!
We use the best of social media outlets to increase brand recognition and family engagement. Our social media team will work closely with you to optimize your online presence and provide families with a great outlet for connecting with your school.
CWS Microsites
In addition to our main Creative World website, each location has an individual school microsite. This microsite is where families learn more about your location, request info, request a tour, and read about your educational programs. Additionally, the website provides your enrolled families exclusive access to your CW Parent Portal.
CWS Parent Portal
The Parent Portal is an information destination for your families! Enrolled users can access enrollment forms and billing, school news and reminders, curriculum features, school pictures, and more. Parents’ usage can be tracked to gauge the impact of new content and engagement. Engaged families are happy families!
CW Website Optimization
Search Engine Optimization is a way to make your microsite highly ranked and visible. Our SEO team will work closely with you to create the best strategy for site optimization on a local level, as well as across our main CWS website.

Our unique Exploratorium™ Program gives the WOW you can only find at Creative World!

exploratoriumOur Exploratorium™ is a state-of-the-art feature in our facilities. It is a large, open space that provides children with an environment outside of the classroom for STEM and other developmentally rich learning experiences.

exploratoriumThe Exploratorium™ creates an engaging learning culture with multiple interactive stations for children to drive their own learning journeys!

exploratoriumTime spent in the Exploratorium™ enforces research-based early education practices by stimulating exploration and discovery through open-ended play with loose parts, dramatic play, manipulatives, and more!

exploratoriumThe Exploratorium™ is a shared space for three year olds, preschoolers, and pre-K students to engage in independent and guided learning activities on the light table and other multi-sensory outlets.

exploratoriumThe Exploratorium™ is a place where children can come to engage with cutting-edge technological learning tools such as tablets, computers, and a smartboard.

AdvancED: Creative World School, Inc is proud of being awarded Corporate Accreditation through AdvancED. advanced AdvancED is the world’s largest education community, serving more than 27,000 public and private schools and districts across the United States and in 69 countries that educate over 15 million students.The AdvancED Accreditation Standards consider all aspects of how Creative World delivers quality education, and as an AdvancED accredited educational program, we proudly adhere to the highest quality standards.

In addition to our prestigious AdvancED Corporate Accreditation, we voluntarily participate in national accreditation programs in each of our schools to validate our everyday commitment to excellence.
School Level Accreditation is a year-long self study and reflection process at each school. Everything is evaluated against national best practices in the early childhood field. A team of validators visit the school and observe each classroom and the quality of our teaching. To earn accreditation is one of the highest marks of excellence in our field and we are proud that every Creative World School opportunity-icon-11has been awarded this honor after the required first year. One of the reasons this is possible is that all of our schools are designed and trained with accreditation standards in mind before they even open their doors.

opportunity-icon-8But wait, there’s more! Besides our accreditation process, each school is visited regularly by our CW Wow Department to ensure the quality of our schools. We have the highest expectations for our schools and require top performance in every area. Each classroom is observed three times a year and evaluated in the following areas: Teacher Interaction, Health and Safety, Environment, Curriculum, and Classroom Routines.opportunity-icon-10We give TOPS Awards to our many outstanding teachers. Schools receive a TOPS School distinction when they demonstrate excellence in all areas. At Creative World, we maintain our high standards by examining our practices on a regular basis to ensure consistency and the everyday excellence of our schools.

CW Support: With You Every Step of the Way! 

Our CW Builds Team is there to support you throughout the construction phase of your new school. Once you have made your commitment, our team works with you to find the perfect site for your new school. Prototype design/ building plans will also be provided to assist you in developing your school in accordance with franchise specifications. Our team partners with an experienced project management company to oversee the construction process. This gives you the assurance that your school will be built to the highest standards and opens with success. We guide you through selecting your architect, your contractor, and all of the milestones of construction.
Creative World School is known in part because of the unique environments we create in our classrooms. Our CW Necessary Fun Department carefully selects each piece of equipment that goes in our schools. Your opening package is comprehensive and complete. We don’t skimp. We equip your school with quality furniture and equipment that meet national accreditation standards. The opening package contains all the educational equipment and materials needed for your school’s operation at a substantially discounted price. Once your school is up and running, you can order replacement supplies and materials through this department at a discounted price.
CW University provides curriculum and ongoing training for you and your team. During the construction phase, our certified training instructors offer courses at our CW Training Facility, as well as visiting you for individualized training. Extensive management training begins months before your opening date. We hold annual leadership conferences to come together, share ideas, and grow professionally. Staff training begins the month prior to your opening date. Because of our high standard of excellence, we believe in ongoing education for our staff. We provide in-service training throughout the year and hold an annual curriculum conference. Our CW University staff provide a yearly curriculum calendar, monthly updates for every age group, and training materials to make our curriculum user friendly and effective.
Our CW W.O.W. Department helps you achieve and maintain the highest standard of excellence. Our mission is to create a “World of Wonder” for every family. Our unique environment, curriculum, and exemplary quality of our operations, results in the “WOW!” we hear when people visit our schools. We know this first impression only lasts with consistent quality, excellent teaching, and great customer service. Through regular visits and inspections, we provide you and your staff with the feedback they need to maintain this level of excellence. We also encourage our teachers through curriculum contests and awards. Our CW W.O.W. Team also mentors schools preparing for Accreditation. We are proud that Creative World Schools achieve this top honor after their first year, validating the implementation of Creative World Standards and truly meeting National Standards of Excellence in the Early Childhood field.
CW Studio is here to help you market for success! Our in-house graphics and marketing team provide all the help you need to introduce prospective families to your school and strengthen your connection with your current families. From the start, our CW Studio team prepares signage and other marketing materials to introduce your new business to your community as well as designing Grand Opening promotional material and signage. This ensures that you have a great first impression and have successful pre-enrollment and opening! In addition to the initial branded materials available, such as brochures and promotional products, we also continue to assist with developing unique marketing strategies and assessing their effectiveness, creating ads, and more. From overseeing all CW social media avenues, tracking leads, and secret shopping your school, we are here to help you grow your business. CW Studio works with each CW Owner on an individual basis to ensure custom marketing for maximum results!
Our CW Tracking Department ensures that your school stays on the path for success and are here to support the vitality of your business. We monitor the key indicators of your school’s profitability by providing budgets, an integrated accounting program, and coordinated financial tools that help you every step of the way. This team also assists with an organizational system for your school’s forms and recordkeeping. We know the business of running successful early learning schools and are ready to share our expertise with you.
When you franchise with us, you are part of our family and we are here for you! Our CW Help Desk is ready to answer all of your questions. We are available whether you need a sounding board, some advice, or quick information. You will also be part of our interactive online community. Your school will have access to our vast online library of forms and materials, training tools, and all the information you need at your fingertips. The CW Help Desk can also direct you to other departments when you need more in-depth support.