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Numbers are important! We want to make sure you have as much information as you need to make the best decision for your future. Here are a few key considerations:

How much does it cost?
We know this is probably your first question! We actually have two answers because we have two different sizes of schools. Our smaller school is a 10,000 square foot building and licenses for 180 children. The total cost of project with typical construction costs and land prices for our smaller school is currently about $3.5 million*. Our larger school is a 13,000 square foot building and licenses for 250 children. The total cost of project with typical construction costs and land prices for our larger school is currently about $4.5 million*. The cost of projects above are total costs of everything and include our $60,000 franchise fee, which is our only up-front fee. We do not charge a real estate fee or development fee, nor charge for either of our prototype building plans. *Land prices and construction costs might be higher in your geographical area.

dollars-img2What about financing?
An excellent way to finance your school is to take advantage of the long-term, fixed-interest rates of SBA 504 and 7A loan programs available through banks in your area. Creative World School franchisees are eligible for expedited and streamlined SBA loan processing through the SBA’s Franchise Registry Program, The SBA requires a minimum of 15% cash down payment, so the current minimum cash required for our smaller school is about $350,000-$525,000 and the larger school will require at least $450,000-$685,000 cash. Sometimes IRA retirement funds, home equity, another family member, or partner can be utilized to meet the equity requirements. Wondering if you qualify? Call us to help you evaluate your financial status for school ownership!



CWS Potential Markets

Want to build your school in one of the states above? Proposed markets are carefully reviewed to determine viability.

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Preschool Franchise Cost and Compatibility

Why Us? Here Are the Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Choose Creative World School:

  • Our Exploratorium™ is the centerpiece of our schools with its unique, integrated curriculum it will give you a competitive advantage over other pre-K schools.
  • We will not require you to pay our franchise fee until we have helped you determine an acceptable location for your school. Ask other franchisors when they require you to pay their franchise fee- it’s important!
  • Our tiered royalty structure helps you with initial profitability: 0% until you have 75 children enrolled, 5% the first year, 6% the second year and 7% thereafter.
  • Our leading edge, accredited curriculum is proven and brings a competitive edge over lesser early childhood programs. We require lower student to teacher ratios than state requirements and maintain high accreditation standards so that you can offer the best quality education to your community.
  • We have a perfect record of success! We have never had a preschool franchise failure nor a franchisee default on a loan. All of our schools have been successful as we are very selective about our growth.
  • We are a family-owned business who foster a personal relationship with our owners, rather than a corporate conglomerate with hundreds of locations.
  • Our preschool franchise fee is $60,000 which is one of the lowest of major school franchises.
  • We encourage “elbow room” and offer a 5 mile radius of protection around each franchise location, the largest in the industry. We do not attempt to saturate markets with maximum penetration where franchisees are in competition with each other.
  • We offer personal, consistent support from operations specialists who support only four franchise locations each.
  • Our commitment to the latest technology provides our franchisees with a unique website, exclusive parent portal, intranet/database system, attendance, billing, online enrollment, and automated record keeping. In addition, we are actively engaged in a variety of social media avenues including Facebook, Twitter, Blog, Pinterest, etc.