An Investment That is Just the Right Size

By: Verna Gange
Dan and Carolina Bailes, Creative World School Owners

At Creative World, we offer multiple school sizes that fit your financial framework and still set you up for financial success. Our goal is to guarantee that your dream can become a reality!

Depending on what you are prepared to invest, we have turnkey building plans ready. Our two building models provide a choice for you that will best suit your community, land availability, and initial investment. There are many reasons that selecting a smaller school could be a great choice for you! Smaller schools are a great opportunity for first time Franchise Owners to have a manageable, scaled experience.

Cultivating a leadership team, connecting with families, and managing teachers with a smaller group can be a valuable learning experience and allow you to make first-time, meaningful connections. Most of our Franchise Owners come from fields outside Education. If Early Education is a new experience, launching your partnership with us as an Owner of one of our smaller schools can be a great starting point and give you time to cultivate your expertise.

It is important to note that smaller doesn’t mean less lucrative! If you are able to fill a smaller school to capacity, year-round, taking the time and making this investment can pay off in a powerful way! As a Creative World Franchise Owners, you own more than a business… you can fulfill a dream. We believe that dreams come in all shapes and sizes! Learn more┬ánow about how we can find the investment that is just the right size for you.