Why Own an Education Franchise?

By: Marianne Whitehouse (CEO of Creative World School)

Franchising is a great way to be your own boss while still being linked to a larger system of experts. Tapping into an existing business model with proven success is an exciting way to make a trustworthy investment that will carry you into your future!

We love linking with entrepreneurs to make all of your dreams come true. The initial conversations we have with potential franchisees often includes the question: “Why education?” There are many franchise industries out there. The kind of industry you choose does, in fact, matter greatly!

Why choose to build a daycare franchise location?

There are many good reasons:

  1. Early Education is future-proof. While Secondary Educational models may shift, privatized Early Education is self-regulated and assessed, which means freedom and stability. Our model has existed – with evolution and improvements – for 40+ years. We know that the Creative World Way works and we replicate our solid system of education and administration in each of our franchise locations… with success!
  2. Early Education (and childcare) is largely recession-proof. The need for the services we provide continues with minimal fluctuation. As employment continues to rise, the need for childcare will continue to grow. We see this reflected in our growing schools!
  3. Education is a powerful way to invest in the future. Over and over again, we hear the personal stories of our franchise owners and understand: you want more from life. You want to make a difference: to invest in something that matters. Early Education is a way to be involved in the first, vitally important stages of a child’s life.

Our franchise owners are more than business owners. They partner with families every day to give children the best start in life. Learn more about how you can start your new life with us! Start by filling out the contact form to the right of this page and our franchise development representatives will be in touch with additional information.